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Imagine, due to the current situation, someone cannot physically organize the bingo evening or you would like to be part of an important fair outside Europe, but this is simply not allowed. Then it would be great if, by means of holography, this does not have to be an obstacle at all !? HEREweHOLO can ensure that you are in contact with any location from the studio.


This while you are visible as a hologram life-size! Whether you want to sell your product, organize a game night or perform on the other side of the world (or just in the Netherlands).


Everything is possible. Besides the fact that this saves you a lot of time, you also make sure that people remember you and talk about you because this unique innovation will not be forgotten!


• 4K video quality

• Holographic display

• 360 degree experience

• Interact live with your audience

• Possibility to be in several places at the same time;

• Real time connection

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